Executive Team


Candong (Daniel) Cheng


Dr. Daniel Cheng is a successful real estate investor and an experienced commercial real estate broker and advisor. Dr. Cheng specializes in helping investors identify commercial real estate properties meeting the client’s investment needs, including multifamily, office, retail, hotel, and land. He has demonstrated expertise and success in closing transactions timely by applying his negotiation skills and engaging various investors. Dr. Cheng is also the founder and president of Duka Real Estate & Consulting Services LLC, a company that provides services to Chinese investors/companies and new immigrants, such as residential/commercial real estate services, insurance services, EB6 services, entrepreneurial training and customized consulting services, international education counseling, asset management, etc.

Dr. Cheng is currently the president of NCCBA. In this position, he has spear headed in successfully bringing Chinese investors to the state of North Carolina for business and real estate property acquisitions. Under his leadership, NCCBA has successfully assisted startup companies in different field, bridged Chinese entrepreneurs with North Carolina’s companies and governmental agencies, and encouraged collaborations among different organizations. Furthermore, NCCBA has created multiple platforms for assisting Chinese investors on real estate investment, company acquisition, immigration, education, asset management, tax strategies, investment strategies, etc.

程灿东(Daniel Cheng)先生博士毕业于杜克大学。曾任高科技公司高级工程师,後来投入房地产业,曾於Keller William担任地产经纪,已有十年房地产投资顾问和经纪人经验, 是一位经验丰富的商业地产投资顾问和经纪人,主要经营公寓楼,办公楼,小型商场,酒店和土地。程博士同时是杜卡新移民咨询服务公司的创始人和总裁,该公司致力于帮助中国投资者/公司和新移民提供不同类型的咨询和服务,诸如居民/商业房地产买卖和投资咨询服务、保险保障服务、投资移民服务、EB6移民服务、资产管理、企业家来美高校培训和定制化咨询服务,等等。

程博士是现任北卡华人企业协会会长。 在这个职位上,他成功地引入中国投资人到北卡并购企业和投资房地产物业。 在他的领导下,NCCBA成功地帮助创业公司快速启动,鼓励不同公司之间的合作, 并促成了中国企业和北卡公司和政府机构的对接、中国政府部门和北卡政府机构的对接、以及项目和资金的对接,促进北卡和中国友好城市的建立。


Jeff Wang

SVP of Finance/Accounting


Ning Xu

VP of Membership and Registration


Jian Wang

Advisor of China Division


Bo Wang

Director of Shenzhen Chapter


Jiazhu Hu

SVP of Business Forum


Jingjing Zhang

VP of Event Execution


Xiaoyang Wang

Legal Advisor


Ella Fang

VP of Fund Development


Weihong Zhou

VP of Membership Bonding


Tyrone Wu



Stuart Schulte

VP of Fund Development


Maggie Quan

VP of Operation


Charles Bai

SVP of IT Department


Board of Advisors


Ms. Grace Ueng



Mr. John Chen



Dr. Kelvin Tian



Jennifer Parser

General Counsel and Legal Advisor


Ms. Stella Chen



Sue Googe

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Mr. Jerry Casler