Frequent Asked Questions


Q: What is NCCBA?
A: NCCBA (North Carolina Chinese Business Association) is a not-for-profit charitable and educational business association. NCCBA’s mission is to represent, serve, and promote the common interests of our membership and the North Carolina Chinese business community, particularly in promoting entrepreneurial and corporate development related to science and technology. NCCBA serves as a forum for networking and exchanging information, for advancing our knowledge in creating and sustaining successful businesses, and for encouraging and facilitating coaching and consultation among our members. NCCBA will also serve as a major catalyst in bridging China – North Carolina business relationships.
Q: Why do you want to join NCCBA?
A: When you join NCCBA, you will open the door of opportunities for the followings and more:
1. To build business leveraging your ethnic background, culture and language skills;
2. To be known by your peers and your potential customers in the North Carolina Chinese community and Chinese business community at large;
3. To learn from other successful business people in the North Carolina Chinese community;
4. To learn and make connections with businesses in the Far East and Greater China area;
5. To advance your career by networking with your peers, potential employers, or potential employees in the North Carolina Chinese business community.
6. To volunteer for the good cause of helping others in the North Carolina Chinese business community.
Q: As a member, what benefits are you going to receive?
A: As a NCCBA member, you will receive the following services:
1. Seminars and Educational Events
NCCBA will organize high quality and unique seminars and educational events free of charge to active members.
2. Networking Events
NCCBA will organize networking events on a monthly basis. These networking events will have special themes to create synergy between the event participants.
3. News Letter
NCCBA will publish quarterly/monthly newsletters that will focus on news, issues, and events in the North Carolina Chinese business community.
4. Directory Services
NCCBA will a publish member directory and update it periodically. Based on the membership tier, NCCBA members will enjoy discounts on advertisement in both newsletters and the member directory.
5. Web Services
NCCBA members can access NCCBA’s website and online database for up-to-date news, announcements, and other useful information.
6. Email address
All active NCCBA members of Platinum category and above will have their own NCCBA email account. NCCBA terms and conditions apply. Please see the email administrator for detailed information.


North Carolina Chinese Business Association is a non-profit organization.