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Business Realities in China: Exporting, Sourcing and Succeeding - lessons from real-life China, from businessmen who actually work there

(Presented in English)

For every one company or individual about to do business in China, the
advice for business development is important. What is the real cost of this?
What is the best way to approach the challenge of succeeding in China? The
path to profit and stability for US businesses in China is choked with the
bones of thousands who charged east without knowing the risks. Who will tell
their story? In this seminar, the people from the real business world who
are dealing with China every day will provide the answers. We are very
delighted to have Mr. Mike Borchert , Mr. David Guo, and Mr. Dave Hull (all
are from Precision Components, Inc. Charlotte, NC) to share with audience
about their working experience with China and Chinese market. In the talk,
several topics will be discussed. (1) Understanding China as an expanding
market. (2) Niche products and China consumer purchasing power. (3)
Changes in Chinese economic development. (4) Export and Import - China and
the United States. If you're looking to enhance your success in the related
business and personal spheres, then this seminar is for you.


Mr. Mike Borchert

Michael Borchert has lived in Shanghai, China for the past three and a half
years and is the head of Precision Components' Shanghai Representative
Office. Precision Components' Shanghai Representative Office has helped
numerous US corporations gain a foothold in China by providing reliable,
accurate, unbiased market and supply information to guide them in the
decision making process. Mr. Borchert also helps US companies who wish to
manufacture products in China without surrendering their intellectual
property, paying numerous middle men or accidentally dealing through Chinese
trading companies. Michael also conducts seminars in China for the MBA
program of his alma mater, Elon University. There, Michael initiates MBA
candidates to the unsparing reality of Chinese business and culture. Using
real life examples from his business experience as an executive in China,
Michael emphasizes the importance of reliable information in a country where
sophisticated and susceptible businessmen alike often meet the same terrible
fate. Fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, Mr. Borchert's work
experience includes manufacturing, plastics and consulting for multinational
companies establishing business interests in China.

Mr. David Guo

David Guo works for Precision Components, Inc. to develop the export and
sourcing business for Precision Components with support from the US
Department of Commerce and the China Commerce Chamber. David helps US
companies to develop sales and supply networks in China and is also working
with Chinese companies to establish a successful US market presence. David
uses his traditional Chinese business and work experience and his successful
US business record to bring clients a realistic, informed business
perspective grounded in reality. David has 15 years experience in business,
engineering and manufacturing in China. He managed manufacturing operations
for a top 3 automobile company in China and has a broad range of industry
experience including automation, electronics, and IT. When worked for
Equipment Management Association of China, he gave consulting service to
Chinese top corporations in Power, Chemistry, Gas and Oil industries. During
his career, he has developed a broad network in both the Chinese and US
business communities. David graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in
China with a master degree in Mechanical Engineering and from UNC-Charlotte
with a master in Computer Science. He has served as a consultant on
intellectual property standards and patent regulations for companies doing
business in China David is a committee member of Asian Commerce Chamber of
Carolinas and Equipment Management Association of China. He was also the
board member of Chinese Association of Charlotte. David is also an active
member of NCCBA and NAAAP.

Mr. Dave Hull

Dave Hull is the President of Precision Components, Inc., a manufacturer's
representative and international business consulting firm he established 15
years ago. His company has successfully helped Chinese companies establish
themselves in the US market. Now, with a representative office in Shanghai,
Dave Hull has focused his attention to helping US companies enter the
Chinese market by providing reliable market information and locating factory
direct sources for precision manufactured components. As a licensed
mechanical engineer, Dave Hull is an experienced negotiator with an eye for
detail and value. He has years of experience on the ground in China visiting
factories, negotiating with Chinese executives and meeting with government
officials. Dave Hull's business experience in China and his remarkable
first-hand knowledge of how businesses make decisions in China is always eye

When: 7:00-9:00 pm, Wednesday, February 1, 2005.

We will have half-hour of networking social before (starting 6:30pm) and
after the seminar.

Cost: Free for NCCBA members/$7 for CED members/$10 for non members

Where: MCNC, MCNC Auditorium

Building #1

3021 Cornwallis Road,

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2889


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the yellow "Signal Ahead" sign.The MCNC auditorium is next to the front
entrance of the building.

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