NCCBA (NC Chinese Business Association) in junction with support from CAST-NC and China Center is proud to present:

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Opportunities in China - Revisit

Last year, NCCBA organized a meeting about business opportunities for outsourcing pharmaceutical and biotech operations in China. It generated excitement and activities among bio-communities in our area. This year, we will continue to explore this important topic and engage with broader audience to discuss and network with interested members.

More and more pharmaceutical companies have applied offshore outsourcing as one of their "must" strategies to increase overall competitiveness and efficiency by taking advantage of offshore inexpensive, but highly educated human resources and the enormous market potential. China is becoming a hot spot for such outsourcing business. However, many companies face difficulties and concerns from offshore outsourcing when selecting a partner or a company in countries in China. These difficulties and concerns include credibility and trust, protection of IP, variability of different business "norms", technical expertise and experiences necessary to deliver the best services in price, quality, and quantity in a timely manner.

For the conference we will invite several experts who have first hand experience with business and give a presentation about such business opportunities. At the same time, we will organize a group of panelist for to discuss some of aspects related to the business development and operations.


• Dr. Ken Chang: Dr. Chang was the founder, the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of former Ardent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Durham, North Carolina. He has raised approximately $35 million since the inception of Ardent Pharmaceuticals in 1995. Ardent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was recently merged with Enhance Biotech, Inc., a public company. Dr. Chang's new title for the Enhance Biotech, Inc. is the Chief Scientific Officer and President Asia-Pacific Operations. He currently holds an Adjunct Professor appointment in the Department of Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina. He was a Principal Scientist at former Burroughs Wellcome Co. He is the co-inventor for 10 issued US patents and 8 pending US patents. Dr. Chang has published approximately 200 papers. He is a co-editor of the book entitled "The Delta Receptor" published by Marcel Dekker, Inc. in 2004. He is an internationally recognized expert in receptor pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology. He pioneered in the discovery of delta receptors, delta receptor-selective compounds and the understanding of physiological functions of the delta receptors. Dr, Chang and his team have discovered at least five potential drug candidates in various stages of drug development. The company under Dr. Chang's leadership successfully filed five Investigational New Drug (IND) applications with FDA approval for clinical studies. The company has also conducted four (4) Phase 1 clinical trials for various compounds.


• Dr. Xiaodong Wang: Dr. Wang is the co-founder, the President and CEO of PharmaAdvance Co. in China. PharmaAdvance is a newly established pharmaceutical technology service provider focusing on providing services for pharmaceutical and related companies worldwide in the areas of synthetic, medicinal, and process chemistry. Dr. Wang has broad management and R&D experiences in US pharmaceutical industry. He was a team leader and principle scientist at Icagen Inc., a public traded biopharmaceutical company in RTP, NC and a senior research scientist at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals. During his twelve years of US pharmaceutical tenure, he has discovered and helped progress a number of compounds into clinics: two current phase III compounds, ICA-17043 for the treatment of sickle cell disease, azimilide for antiarrhythmics; one phase II compound for the treatment of nasal congestion and migraine pain; one pre-clinical compound for the treatment of learning and memory disorder, dementia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD). He has filed 11 patent applications.

• Dr. Jing Zhou: Dr. Zhou earned his Master and Ph.D. degrees in behavior science from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA in 1995. After his graduation, he worked as a clinical biostatistician on central nerve system drug development at GlaxoWellcome in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He has participated in various new drug application projects for FDA review and approval. He is a co-author of a number of drug development research peer-review articles in leading clinical research journals in the U.S. He was a senior technical consultant at Tomorrow Associates for clinical trial statistical analysis for the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2001, he has developed his business management career with a number of technology companies. He was a director of business development for a public company based in Ithaca, New York and has been a senior executive of BioSignia, Inc., a heath information technology company based in Research Triangle Park, NC since 2002. He has been the project leader managing a number of post-marketing clinical trial and sales projects with a leading pharmaceutical company based in Chicago and other U.S. health technology companies. Currently, he is in charge of business development for BioSignia's healthcare subsidiary company in Beijing, China.

• Dr. Xiaodi Guo: Dr. Xiaodi Guo is currently the chief scientific officer of Huahai US Inc. and responsible for API and generic pharmaceutical product development, getting approval and marketing to US as well as looking for US outsourcing opportunities to China. He has more than 20 years pharmaceutical product development experience. Dr Guo has held various scientific and managerial positions at leading specialty and generic US pharmaceutical companies for more than 10 years with growing responsibilities from Sr. Scientist, manager, to director and VP. He was formerly the VP at Abrika Pharmaceuticals where he established the company's R&D team and research/manufacturing facility from scratch and led to one product approval and several difficult to develop IR and CR product filings. In his career, Dr. Guo was the leading contributor of many advanced drug delivery technologies and NDA/ANDA CR products marketed in US, including the most successful ADHD product, Adderall XR. Dr. Guo has more than 40 publications and is the inventor of more than ten patents. He is the frequently invited speaker in US and China, including the first US-China Pharma/Life science opportunity conference at Harvard Club NYC in 2004. Dr. Guo is also a scientific advisor for Coremed and an adjunct professor at Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, China. Dr. Guo received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

When: 7:00-9:00 pm, Thursday, May 11, 2006.

We will have half-hour of networking social before (starting 6:30pm) and after the seminar.

Cost: Free for NCCBA and CAST-NC members/$7 for CED members/$10 for non members

Where: MCNC, MCNC Auditorium

Building #1

3021 Cornwallis Road,

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2889


Map and Directions:

Driving Directions:

1. Directions from Raleigh or locations south or east of RTP.

Take I-40 West, toward Chapel Hill/Durham. Take the Durham Freeway (Route 147) North, the sign reads "Exit #279B, 147 North, Durham." Take the next exit (to the right) marked "Research Triangle Park, Cornwallis Road." At the end of the exit, turn right onto Cornwallis Road. Continue after the first light (entrances to GlaxoSmithKline to both the right and left)for about 0.2 miles - the sign of the entrance to MCNC is on the right-hand side. The MCNC auditorium is next to the front entrance of the building.

2. Directions from Durham, Chapel Hill, or locations north or west of RTP:

Take I-85 to the Durham Freeway (Route 147). Take the Durham Freeway (Route 147) South to the Cornwallis Road Exit. At the end of the ramp, make right turn on to Cornwallis Road. Go through the first light if it was not red (entrances to GlaxoSmithKline to both the right and left), and continue for about 0.2 miles - the entrance to MCNC is on the right-hand side, just after the yellow "Signal Ahead" sign. The MCNC auditorium is next to the front entrance of the building.

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