Lawrence D. Lytle

Larry is a business development and marketing professional and Vice President of Landquest Legacy Group.


He has 20+ years of management experience with such leading companies as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Novell, and Nortel Networks. He has also served as President & CEO of GlobeNet Technologies, UnixWare Technology Group, and Executive Director of The World Trade Center NC.

Larry worked closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Trade Representative, and the White House on passage of the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). He has served as de facto Chief of Protocol for North Carolina, organizing visits by foreign Ambassadors and Heads-of-States, conducting trade conferences and public forums, and arranging meetings with Governorís Easley and Hunt, NC State Legislators, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

He has also partnered with UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, NC State University, and UNC-Charlotte in the planning and execution of major international conferences on international trade and economics.



He has extensive international experience and is recognized for his success in forming strategic alliances, new market penetration strategies, branding and positioning programs, and global communications strategy. He has been an advisor to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies on acquisitions, press/analyst relations, competitive initiatives, and strategic product launches.



He was a founder of UnixWare Technology Group (UTG) and the Open Software Foundation (now The Open Group) and played key roles in Novellís acquisition of AT&Tís UNIX System Laboratories, Hewlett-Packardís acquisition of Apollo Computer, and the acquisitions of Planetworks by IBM and Netwise by Microsoft.



Larry has been a featured speaker and moderator at major industry forums and conferences, such as COMDEX, the Consumer Electronics Show, SIGGRAPH, Virtual Reality and Interactive Multimedia Conference.






Areas of Expertise

Strategic Marketing; Corporate Communications; International Trade; Business Development

Industry & Sector Experience

Computer Systems and Software; Enterprise Incentive Management; Operating Systems; Networking; Automotive; Test & Measurement;

Telecom; Aerospace and Defense

Functional Experience

Branding, Messaging, Positioning;

Strategic Product Launches;

Conditioning for IPO/Acquisition;

Marketing Communications;

Press & Analyst Relations;

Building Strategic Alliances;

Intellectual Property Rights;

Forming Industry Coalitions;

Government Relations

Executive Training

Center for Creative Leadership

Six Sigma and Total Productivity Maintenance


U.S. Naval Officer;

U.S. Navy Enlisted Avionics Tech.;

Purple Heart


BA-Eastern Kentucky University

Mass Communications/Marketing

Graduate Courses - Portland State