About Us

The North Carolina Chinese Business Association is a non-profit business association for professionals, students, and enterprises with a common interest in China.  Our organization provides a forum for networking and entrepreneurial exchange, for advancing business knowledge, and for encouraging and facilitating coaching, mutual assistance and consultation among our members. In addition, NCCBA plays a significant role in facilitating China – North Carolina business relationships.

NCCBA Mission Statement

As a premier nonprofit charitable and educational business organization, the North Carolina Chinese Business Association (NCCBA)’s mission is to represent, serve, and promote the common interests of our membership and the North Carolina Chinese business community, with an emphasis in promoting entrepreneurial and corporate development in the fields of science and technology.


Please join us and add your unique contribution of knowledge and experience to our rapidly growing North Carolina Chinese business community.  Memberships are only $50/year, and also included in all levels of corporate sponsorship.

A Not-for-profit Charitable and Educational Organization

NCCBA provides a valuable service to the NC Chinese professional community and NC businesses with an interest in China.  It is a 501c not-for-profit organization and dues are collected from members to facilitate its luncheons, business panels, and other collaborative activities.


North Carolina Chinese Business Association is a non-profit organization.

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